Friday, February 15, 2013

Rising Sun on the River

"Rising Sun on the River"
size: 8x10 inch, acrylic on linen canvas board, unframed
copyright 2013 MaryAnn Cleary

This is my first attempt at using what are called "open acrylics". They do not dry as fast as normal acrylics and tend to behave a bit more like oils. I purchased a limited number of colors to try them out. Titanium white, titanium white buff, ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, cobalt blue and the open acrylic thinner.

The open acrylics tend to be a bit goopier than oils, but they can be worked wet-into-wet or alla prima. They dry fairly quickly if the layers are thin. I also could load up my brush and do a dry brush technique. I definitely will do a few more paintings to try them out.

I also tried using regular acrylics on a painting that is similar to one that I just finished up in oils of the sun setting on the Rum River - just to get a feel for the difference between oils, acrylics and open acrylics. I love the subtle colors that one gets with oil paints compared to regular acrylics that do dry quickly...very quickly, unless using a gel or medium to slow the drying down. I prefer the open acrylics to the regular acrylics, but I can see where each type would be useful for different techniques. More experiments to come.
"Setting Sun"
size: 8x10, acrylic on linen canvas board, unframed

I hope that you are enjoying the small studies using different types of paint. I will continue to offer paintings at Daily Paintworks with a low starting bid. If the painting does not sell at auction, it will then go to my normal pricing. This is an opportunity to purchase one of my works at an affordable price. Here is the link to my gallery at Daily Paintworks or click on the link in the sidebar.


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