Thursday, August 02, 2012

Rialto on Main

"Rialto on Main"
8x10 inch, oil, unframed

This old art-deco theater sits on the main street of the little town of Aitkin, MN. The reason for painting this building is all the neon lights that decorate the building - sadly not in working condition. As I stood across the street painting the front of this old theater, the owner happened to walk by. I asked about the lights and if they would be coming on. He answered, "no" to my sad expression. What fun to paint a nocturne with all the lights blazing in the darkness. The only lights that do come on are the white globes underneath the sign.
I love the red and green color combinations on the sign above the doors. Oh, and the doors, they are so art deco. The owner told me that the paint on the sign had just been touched up. It tends to fade with the blazing sun shining on it day after day.

The owner allowed us painters to check the interior out as it had not been changed much from the art deco decor. Although the darkness pretty much prevailed in the theater, one could see the original lights lining up along the wall - those half-circle ones that are so art deco. I am told the chairs are original, too, with the luscious maroon velvet-like material (although not as comfy as what one finds in today's theaters).

This painting is in memory of all those families who suffered the Colorado horror. I painted this on the Tuesday prior to that event of terror. The billing in yellow is announcing the Thursday midnight showing of the latest batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises".

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