Friday, August 17, 2012

On the St. Croix

"On the St. Croix"
oil on linen panel
9x12 inches, landscape

Last week while taking a workshop with Marc Hanson, I did this painting. One of the things that Marc had us do is to choose a portion of the subject and focus on it. With this subject, my favorite part was the contrast of the trees on the left. I liked how the shadows of the trees laid against the bright green. With this painting, my focus is on that area. The rest of the painting is suggested. If a person looks at something, our eyes focus on a certain area. We do not see the other areas "in focus". They are blurred. Try it.

I hope to do more studies similar to this technique. My goal will be to determine what my focus will be or the focal point, spend time with that area in the painting and let the rest be more abstract. Your mind and eyes will fill in the rest for you.

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