Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Iris in the Garden

"Iris in the Garden"
10 x 8 inches
My passion for working with pastels is growing. What I am finding with working with this medium is that it is the best of drawing and painting. The results are instantaneous and I get to draw. This little painting is of iris that grow in my garden. I cut a few prior to the last severe thunderstorm passed through our area. I did not want to lose them to the weather so instead I brought them to my studio to paint from life.

When I work with pastels, I not only get to enjoy the vibrancy of color, but the dancing of lines. For now I can get that from pastel. I do hope that one day I will get that feeling with oils....but for now I am embracing the dance with pastel sticks.


P.S. I am also enjoying the advances of technology and the "Color Checker" for photographing my artwork. It makes it so easy to get the color right!

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