Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Mountain Ranch

"Spring Moutain Ranch"
8 x 10 inch, oil on linen panel

This is my one and only painting from my experience at the First Annual Plein Air Convention in Las Vegas, NV. Who would have thought that there are spectacular mountains right outside of Las Vegas. 

That day the wind blew right through every part of one's body. Canvas and easels flew along with a few umbrellas. In the distance, you could see snow on the tops of a distant mountain range. This range had churning clouds, wind and rain. The atmosphere changed and moved frequently with rays of light peaking through now and then. 

Rain. Wind. Artists. Lots of artists painting the ever changing scene and dealing with the ever changing harsh weather.

To paint, I tried to stand next to a long van to protect myself from the wind. In reality, I swear that it just created a wind tunnel where I stood. I fought the impulse to head for cover and warmth. This is the result.

Since there were several artists there....really, really good artists...I opted to spend some time walking the mountain side and see others approach. I absorbed. I learned. I enjoyed. Weather and all. After all, I am an artist who is a Montana native, who now lives in Minnesota. I should be hardened by all that cold weather by still gets to me.