Tuesday, February 14, 2012


pastel on paper, 9x11 inches, unframed

This is a third in a test of different pastel papers. This one is a Colorfix Suede in a light blue. The light blue that is seen in the pastel painting above is actually the actual suede-type paper.

  • This is the third pastel paper that I am testing out of a sample package of twelve sample-size papers. Each is approximately 9x12 inches. There is an assortment of colors, types and shades of paper.
  • My hope is to take each paper and produce a piece of artwork using it and then provide feedback on each paper. 
  • Art Spectrum Colorfix Suede (light blue). Remember those old velvet paintings done on suede, well, this paper is like working on a very short-textured velvet. Soft. Smears and blends really easily, but the colors seem to sink into the paper and disappear when blended. It does make for some nice, soft edges. It is okay as a paper goes, but I do not see myself using it again.
  • Paper Qualities.
    • The paper is very light blue with a suede-like, soft texture.
    • I did not use a light watercolor wash or any undercolor. I just sketched in the basic compositional sketch.
    • The surface is very smooth and soft. There is not much there for the pastel to grab onto, but it does seem to get the job done. I suppose it would be good for those who like to blend. I did use one of the blending stumps, a paper towel and finally my fingers. Fingers worked best for blending. I do not really like to use them, but in this case I just could not find anything else that worked as well.
    • Fill qualities: So-so. It is suede after all.
    • Blending: I tried a cotton rag (t-shirt material) and a tortillon blending stick. When blending with the rag, I would use short strokes in areas that I wanted to soften the pastel. The blending stick would great and I used it quite a bit.However, the best tool I found were my fingertips!!
    • Fixative: Did not use.
SUMMARY....or just my experience and opinion:
  • This paper gets a 3 of a scale of 1 to 5. It is just not something the fits my needs. Too soft. I would like to try it in different colors. Blue is not a color that I normally would choose for a background color. This paper might work nice for a portrait. I may try it again, but I hope to use a different base color.

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