Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Stillness

"Winter Stillness"
pastel on paper, 7.5 x 11 inches
landscape, unframed
  • This is the second pastel paper that I am testing out of a sample package of twelve sample-size papers. Each is approximately 9x12 inches. There is an assortment of colors, types and shades of paper.
  • My hope is to take each paper and produce a piece of artwork using it and then provide feedback on each paper. What I hope to gain from this exercise is more experience on different surfaces using pastels. One should "rock the boat" now and then and try new things. For me, this is a way to learn and experience new methods - Maybe even gain some useable knowledge.
  • Art Spectrum Colorfix Supertooth. This paper surprised me. After my experience with the Colored Colorfix paper, I did not have great expectations for this paper.  The surface quality is much coarser than the first colorfix paper that I tried. I has a lot more surface area to grab the pigment of the pastel.
  • Paper Qualities.
    • The paper is creamy white tone. 
    • I did use a light watercolor wash for an undertone. It helps me with blocking in shapes gives me a bit of guidance in the design. Also, since the paper is light in color less pastel is needed to fill in the different values when an underwash is used.
    • The surface is fairly textured a bit like sandpaper. The surface appears to have tiny little bubbles that popped providing a rough textured surface (more surface area so that there is more for the pastel to grab onto.)
    • Fill qualities: Compared to the first paper that I used, I actually liked this one. I would even consider purchasing it. I could layer, blend and have fun working the pastel. I did not make much pastel dust with this paper as compared to the first one.
    • Blending: I tried a cotton rag (t-shirt material) and a tortillon blending stick. When blending with the rag, I would use short strokes in areas that I wanted to soften the pastel. The blending stick would great and I used it quite a bit.
    • Fixative: Did not use.
SUMMARY....or just my experience and opinion:
  • This paper gets a thumbs up. I did use a light watercolor wash and I found the paper to take the watercolor nicely. The surface is a little weird looking, but it did the job.

SUMMARY  CHART for the future.....:
After I complete the comparison of papers, I will put together a chart of sorts with the name of the actual paper used, the pros, the cons, the cost, colors available and the type of pastels that seem to work best (pencils, hard or soft)...of course, this is just my humble opinion.

Two papers tested and ten more to go...also a handmade surface to be included.

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