Saturday, January 14, 2012

Misty Afternoon

"Misty Afternoon"
pastel on paper, 9x12 inch
copyright 2012 MaryAnn Cleary

  • This is the first pastel paper that I am testing out of a package of several sample-size papers. Each is approximately 9x12 inches. There is an assortment of colors, types and shades.
  • My hope is to take each paper and produce a piece of artwork using it. What I hope to gain from this exercise is more experience on different surfaces using pastels. One should "rock the boat" now and then and try new things. This is a way to learn and experience new methods - Maybe even gain some useable knowledge.

THE FIRST TEST or paper:
  • Initially, I thought that I would love this dark grey pre-toned paper. Wrong. I started two different paintings on this paper, but I eventually wiped each one of them off after struggling with each one of the trials. I am pretty sure that this paper is going to find a new home some place else.
    • The paper has a dark tone, which I like, but for the subjects that I tried using it the colors just seemed to sink into the darkness - it is seems a bit too dark for my preferences. 
    • I also did not care for how the pastel took to the paper. I like to layer pastels and I also prefer to blend very little - just a little when I feel the need. 
    • The tooth of the paper just seemed to fill way to quick for me and after one or two layers, I made pastel dust really, really good. 
    • I did try blending, but what seemed to happen then was dust and the layers just disappeared...gone.
    • I even tried a spray of workable fixative. Now this is something that I just do not do. That did not seem to help my dilemma either. The pastel just sank into the dark toned background...disappearing into never-never land.

RESULT....or my humbler than thou opinion:
  • I believe this paper probably works fine for someone who likes fine lines and detail work. Just not me. Maybe I need to work more with it. In the end, the paper and I did not click.
  • For me, it felt like I drank a glass of not-so-great wine. Had a terrible headache and an awful taste in my mouth.  I am going to compare this little gem to Bali Hai. Some people may be old enough to know what that wine is or may actually like that wine - that is, if you can still get it. It also is probably not so bad if mixed with soda or something to kill the terrible after-taste...hmm, maybe the paper needs something else to make it better....
SUMMARY  CHART of sorts for the FUTURE RELEASE of the NAMES:
After I complete the comparison of papers, I will put together a chart of sorts with the name of the actual paper used, the pros, the cons, cost and lastly....the wine counterpart ...of course, this is just my humbler than thou opinion.

More to come. Enjoy!


P.S. If you just can't wait, the paper is an Art Spectrum colored one - a very dark gray. I typically use a Wallis paper so I had a difficult time re-adjusting my style for this paper type....drove me crazy. I also like to tone the paper using watercolor and a paper with a lot more texture.

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