Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

"Happy Holidays"
pastel, 7.5x11 inches
(a snow scene from my backyard)

Here is the scene without photoshop.

This pastel can be purchased unframed and without matting for
$100 plus shipping.
Click her to purchase via PayPal.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 "Fog Along the Rum River"
size: 8x10 inch
Oil on linen panel

Fogginess: an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance. This is according to my online dictionary and thesaurus.

Yesterday, as I looked through a pile of paintings that I had done, I came across this one. For the past month, as I try to paint or think about painting, I seem to become clouded and filled with a heavy fogginess that surrounds me. I feel as if my muse has left me for greener pastures. (In a sense, that may be true. It is winter and the green pastures are filled with yellow ochres and patches of snow.) My muse seems to be on a wanderlust with very, itchy feet and the inability to stay focused. I am not sure what that so-called muse is up to at the moment. Searching. Seeking. Exploring. Probing. Investigating. Hmmmm, making doll clothes for the grand kids. I am wondering if every artist goes through these phases where creating art just seems to stagnate and makes no sense.

I am having one of those phases. Wondering what to do? Wondering what happened to my muse?

Sometimes it is good to look back at the places of creativity of the past. To look at the past and where one has been. Sometimes it is not. Today it is. Looking back can give one a sense of accomplishment and progress made. With that, today I look towards the future. Towards who and what I want to be.

Something magical happened when sorting through those old paintings. I know now that creating art is my true passion in life. I know that it is something I must do. Without art, I am lifeless. I need to create. I now realize that my muse never left. She seemed to be hiding right in front of me, clouded by my thoughts and lack of action. The fog truly has lifted. My muse has returned. That magical entity seems to have emerged from the fog, being present and by my side all along.

Creativity happens in many ways. For me, the magic of making my wee grand children doll clothes, showed me that my muse is still with me. Nudging me to create. To design. To produce. It may not be with a brush or a pencil, but my creative mind combines fabric, designs patterns, and magically one-of-a-kind creations are made for the special wee ones in my life.

I found my muse. Now to create with a bit of the studio.


P.S. This week I am doing a purge of some old, but good paintings. These are studies that I did a while back and I want to make room for the new. I will be offering them at a low starting bid on Daily Paintworks.