Friday, September 09, 2011

A Piece of the Rock ~ Quick Paint

"A Piece of the Rocks"
oil on linen, 8x10 inches
Available at Johnson Heritage Post, Grand Marais, MN, through September 25th.

During the Grand Marais Plein Air event, the participants did a "quick paint" on Artist's Point in Grand Marais. The artists had to have their panels stamped before competing. At 5:30 pm a horn sounded indicating the beginning of the time allotted to paint. The artists had until 7:00 pm to complete a painting. An hour and a half. During that time, we had ever-changing light and weather conditions, including rain and fog. Quite a challenge.

This is my result of the Quick Paint. It is a small section of rocks that can be found along the shoreline of Lake Superior at Artist's Point.

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