Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Field of Dreams"

"Field of Dreams"
pastel, 16x20 inches

This is one of the pastel paintings that I recently did for the Grand Marais Plein Air Paint Out. There is a story behind the name of this painting and the connection that I found for the area. The area is near a place called Horseshoe Bay on Lake Superior. There is a public water access to Lake Superior and also a trail that leads through a wooded area.

The day that I arrived to take some photos and do some sketching of black-eyed susans that lined the edge of the parking lot, I met a group of folks coming out of the trail located just off of the parking area. I asked them where the path went. An elderly gentleman smiled at me and said, "that the trail would eventually get to the point and along the way there is a bridge that an Eagle Scout built just for someone like me". He continued telling me about an open field where a baseball diamond had once been. "Really", I said. I decided to follow the trail and check it out. Sure enough I crossed a bridge made by an Eagle scout. Going further I found an open field. I am not sure that the field actually had a baseball field, but it made for a good story. Since the clearing could have been a baseball diamond in the middle of no where, I found the title for the painting "Field of Dreams" fitting.

The day that I painted "Field of Dreams", the fog had rolled in all along the coast of Lake Superior. At one time, I could not even see the field. Luckily, things cleared off and the atmosphere had the wonderful misty feel to it. What a wonderful place for a painting.

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