Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cowboy Coffee ~ Nocturne

"Cowboy Coffee"
oil on linen, 8x10 inch
Nocturne painting, available at Johnson Heritage Post, Grand Marais, MN thru September 25th

This year for the Ninth Annual Grand Marais Paint Out, I stayed at the Judge Magney State Park...a nice park that has showers during the summer months. One night as the fire blazed its warmth, I thought that it would make a nice night painting with a coffee pot along one edge of the fire ring and grill.

Night painting is quite a challenge. One needs to be able to see the canvas and paint to mix them, but the light cannot be so bright that it ruins the effect of the scene. There is a balance between one's eyes being able to see at night and the light used. I use a small battery operated book light that does the job. It clamps onto my easel and I can see the paint enough to mix them.

The surprise is seeing how the painting turned out the next day in sunlight. Sometimes the painting works, sometimes not. I also do not use black for the dark areas.

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