Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Made by an Eagle Scout

"Made by an Eagle Scout"
pastel, 9x12
This pastel painting is a small walking bridge that is located near Horseshoe Bay along Lake Superior. There is a small brass plate on the railing that tells of its maker, an Eagle Scout. A beautiful hiking path. A wonderful bridge.

Monday, September 12, 2011

"End of the Road"

"End of the Road"
oil on linen, 8x10 inch

Available at Johnson Heritage Post Art Gallery, Grand Marais, MN

This is a short road that runs along Lake Superior across from the Judge Magney State Park. The day had a lot of atmosphere with the fog that hung along the shoreline for most of the day. I liked how the telephone poles and the road made for an interesting composition.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Field of Dreams"

"Field of Dreams"
pastel, 16x20 inches

This is one of the pastel paintings that I recently did for the Grand Marais Plein Air Paint Out. There is a story behind the name of this painting and the connection that I found for the area. The area is near a place called Horseshoe Bay on Lake Superior. There is a public water access to Lake Superior and also a trail that leads through a wooded area.

The day that I arrived to take some photos and do some sketching of black-eyed susans that lined the edge of the parking lot, I met a group of folks coming out of the trail located just off of the parking area. I asked them where the path went. An elderly gentleman smiled at me and said, "that the trail would eventually get to the point and along the way there is a bridge that an Eagle Scout built just for someone like me". He continued telling me about an open field where a baseball diamond had once been. "Really", I said. I decided to follow the trail and check it out. Sure enough I crossed a bridge made by an Eagle scout. Going further I found an open field. I am not sure that the field actually had a baseball field, but it made for a good story. Since the clearing could have been a baseball diamond in the middle of no where, I found the title for the painting "Field of Dreams" fitting.

The day that I painted "Field of Dreams", the fog had rolled in all along the coast of Lake Superior. At one time, I could not even see the field. Luckily, things cleared off and the atmosphere had the wonderful misty feel to it. What a wonderful place for a painting.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cowboy Coffee ~ Nocturne

"Cowboy Coffee"
oil on linen, 8x10 inch
Nocturne painting, available at Johnson Heritage Post, Grand Marais, MN thru September 25th

This year for the Ninth Annual Grand Marais Paint Out, I stayed at the Judge Magney State Park...a nice park that has showers during the summer months. One night as the fire blazed its warmth, I thought that it would make a nice night painting with a coffee pot along one edge of the fire ring and grill.

Night painting is quite a challenge. One needs to be able to see the canvas and paint to mix them, but the light cannot be so bright that it ruins the effect of the scene. There is a balance between one's eyes being able to see at night and the light used. I use a small battery operated book light that does the job. It clamps onto my easel and I can see the paint enough to mix them.

The surprise is seeing how the painting turned out the next day in sunlight. Sometimes the painting works, sometimes not. I also do not use black for the dark areas.

Friday, September 09, 2011

A Piece of the Rock ~ Quick Paint

"A Piece of the Rocks"
oil on linen, 8x10 inches
Available at Johnson Heritage Post, Grand Marais, MN, through September 25th.

During the Grand Marais Plein Air event, the participants did a "quick paint" on Artist's Point in Grand Marais. The artists had to have their panels stamped before competing. At 5:30 pm a horn sounded indicating the beginning of the time allotted to paint. The artists had until 7:00 pm to complete a painting. An hour and a half. During that time, we had ever-changing light and weather conditions, including rain and fog. Quite a challenge.

This is my result of the Quick Paint. It is a small section of rocks that can be found along the shoreline of Lake Superior at Artist's Point.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Lace Lake ~ winner

"Lace Lake"
oil on linen, 11x14 inches
available at Johnson Heritage Center, Grand Marais, MN thru September

Last week I spent the week painting at the Ninth Annual Grand Marais Plein Air Event. There were a total of 44 artists anticipating in the event. My painting, "Lace Lake", received an honorable mention in the main category. Each artist could submit up to three paintings.

Other categories for the event included two more categories, a Quick Paint and a Nocturne.

Look for the other paintings that I painted during the week in future posts. What a great time!