Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back to Basics - Ending the Struggle

pastel and conte, size: 8 x 10 inces
copyright 2011 MaryAnn Cleary

For whatever reason, there are times that my artistic side seems to bury itself among fear, procrastination and lack of motivation. I am not sure what is the source of this dilemma. I am wondering if other artists hit this brick wall from time to time and what their tricks are for getting themselves out of the slump. I know writers sometimes seem to have the same difficulties. Writers's block. I guess artist can have artist's block, too.

For me, I have just had it with myself for the lack of progress recently. I want to paint, but I seem to find so many excuses....the studio is dirty, I should do some more research on finding my ancestors (my latest project) or I really should do some house cleaning. If you are one of those creative types, mayby you have your list of things....other than doing what one supposedly loves. Is it fear? Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of....who knows.

With this latest dilemma, I have decided to just get back to basics and my first love - drawing. This feels natural to me and once I get started I do not want to stop. For now, I plan on working on a series of just drawings. Just the basics...simple drawings. Then maybe a few is so much like "just drawing" to me...and then back to oils.

I love oil painting, but it is a struggle for me at times. I easily see things in black and white or a monotone, but throw a little color into the picture and I seem to back track and lose all knowledge that I supposedly have for being an artist.

So for now....back to basics. Back to simplicity. Back to first love.

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