Friday, March 12, 2010


Moon at Menogyn
linen canvas panel, size: 10x8 inch, unframed, $150
copyright 2010 MaryAnn Cleary

This is one of my paintngs from the winter trip to northern Minnesota last month. We endured extreme temperatures (-22F), but the days were filled with the warming sunshine. On Saturday, of our few day stay, the moon reached its full status and to top it off, the temperatures that evening were pleasantly warm. I painted this painting right behind our cabin. The moon hit this one huge tree and there was an erieness to the night.

During my painting experience this week, I scraped most of the unused paint off into a corner of my palette. What a treasure it became for painting that erie glow of the bright and full moon. The mixture actually was perfect for that greenish, yellowish glow.

This is actually my second nocturne, but after this experience, I am so hooked. Painting landscapes for me, is sometimes so overwhelming due to "all the stuff" that I see. I am finding at night, there is so much less stuff and one can concentrated on the mood and feeling. After painting all week, this is one of my favorites....along with two others that are just simple ones of the three islands on a lake we walked across.


Amy Demmer said...


This painting is amazing!! Great work!! I wish we had this in the exhibit as well. Some women were by the other day and were completely mesmerized by Dog and Cat.

Keep up the good work!


MaryAnn Cleary said...

Thanks so much Amy.