Monday, February 01, 2010

The Red Shoe

"The Red Shoe"
original oil paintng on linen, 16x12 inches
copyright 2010

This looks like it will be my valentine painting with all the red. What a fun piece to paint! I knew that I wanted to paint something with some red and white in it. The search began. First, I found some beautiful roses for a bargain price at the local grocery store. Really! A dozen red roses for ten dollars. Next, I headed to the local thrift store. One of my favorite places to find fun objects to put into my still life paintings. I also check out the children's section for any bargains for the grandkids. Wow! What a find! A sweet pair of red shoes that would serve well in a still life and also be a cute find for my youngest granddaughter, Annabelle.

The painting is finished and drying - that red is going to take forever! Now to send the red shoes to the wee one. Happy Valentines Day!