Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hard, Soft, Lost and Firm Edges

Study for Edges in Painting
5x6 inch
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

Before setting up a full setup for a still life painting, I wanted to practice some and do a little study for edges. Doing a painting is all about how one sees things. Everything does not have a hard, steel edge to it so when doing a painting, it is important to make sure a person paints what they see. Photographs show everything. They do not show things how a person actually sees things. There will be a place where our eyes focus, but the rest of the stuff will be out of focus. The edges will be softer.

When painting it is important to move our eyes over the surface constantly scanning it. It is also important to squint and only paint what is important. Today was my day to try and get my eyes, paintbrush and painting focused on edges. Sharp ones where there is high contrast, lost ones where it is difficult to see where the edge is, soft ones where a plane turns slightly and ones that are not hard, but firm, like the rim of the vase in some areas.

Edges are to practice more.

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