Monday, August 03, 2009

Hydrangeas, Sunflowers in a RumRill Vase

"Hydrangeas & Sunflowers in a RumRill Vase"
oil on linen on hardboard, 16 x 12 inch
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

What an interesting still life! Especially trying to put this one together. I have hydrangeas in my yard, but with my bum knee it is difficult spending too much time standing outside to paint. For this little gem, I opted to cut some of the hydrangeas and put them in a of my RumRill vases called Dutch Blue and made by Red Wing in the 1930s.

One difficulty with this still life is that hydrangeas do not make very good cut flowers! Thank goodness I did take a photo of the flowers. Between my laptop and the setup of the still life, I managed to keep the essences of the initial setup.

My favorite way of painting is from life. The main reason is that colors and the subtelties are often lost with a photograph. This was difficult for me, but I managed to restrain myself and hopefully capture the essence of the hydrangeas. One thing that I am realizing is "less is definitedly more" and I really tried to keep my colors clean with this painting....that is, making every brush stroke count. This painting actually took me longer than I thought....but I sure was not in a rush.



Kami Polzin said...

Nice cool and warm temps playing against each other here. Really nice! :)

Delmus Phelps said...

Hi, beautiful work.

just cruising the blogs and found yours, a fellow flower lover. thanks for sharing this nice piece.

I have a demonstration on a similar subject with a bolder approach

the link is here, not sure if code will cross over. I'm not too proficient at that.

I understand if you need to edit out.

peony demo

it didn't like the image tag so I included it.

Very nice work, bold colors!
best regards,