Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bud ~ Virtual Sketch Date Challenge

oil painting on canvas board, 8 x 8 inch, unframed
virtual sketch date challenge for April
copyright 2009 MaryAnn Cleary

Here is my completed challenge for the virtual sketch date. I almost forgot to do it, so this evening I made a dash for the studio and attempted to do it. Check out the other interpretations at Virtual Sketch Date blog.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oranges from a Workshop

Workshop Still Life ~ Citrus
oil painting on canvas board, 11 x 14 inch
copyright 2009 MaryAnn Cleary

This past week on Thursday and Friday, I made a trip to Stillwater, MN to attend a workshop given by Kami Polzin. She is a very talented artist and an excellent teacher. Color seems to terrify me, but after this workshop I feel that I have gained confidence and the knowledge for a new approach to overcoming my fears. Basic drawing skills are imperative. Kami is a wonderful teacher. I hope to try out my new knowledge with a few still life setups. Seeing color and how it relates to what surrounds it is key. It sounds so simple, but our mind tends to get in the way and complicate things.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Waiting for Playtime

"Waiting to Play"
conte/charcoal on Rives paper, 8 x 12.5 inch
copyright 2009 MaryAnn Cleary

This dog portrait is complete for today. I will put it aside for a week or two and if something pops out at me, I will make some slight adjustments. However, for now I plan on just leaving it as is.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Work in Progress ~ Conan Day 2

Update on the latest art work ~ Conan

I thought that I would post a quick update on the charcoal/conte drawing. Still a ways to go, but here is what it looks like today.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Work In Progress

Work in Progress ~ "Conan"
charcoal and conte, 8 x 12 inch
copyright 2009 MaryAnn Cleary

Here is the latest drawing that I am working on. It is of a huge mastiff named Conan. He is a sweet and VERY large dog that lives in Arizona with my son and his family. I hope to finish the drawing in the next couple of days. This is another drawing created on Rives BFK using charcoal and conte. I hope to have a series of these completed the next couple of months as I really enjoy working with this medium! It is great for portraiture.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coneflower and Butterfly

Coneflower and Butterfly
charcoal and conte on Rives BFK paper, 9.5 x 11 inch
copyright 2009 MaryAnn Cleary

I just had to finish this drawing up. What fun. Next I plan on trying this on a dog portrait and then a human. I did spend several hours on this drawing today, but I had a break in between as I had been invited to a wonderful dinner at my neighbor's home. Homemade ham! Great meal.

Tomorrow look for an update on my ebay statistics. I have been collecting data now for more than two months. Some interesting info.

Work in Progress ~ Coneflowers

Coneflowers ~ A work in progress...
charcoal and conte on Rives BFK paper
copyright 2009 MaryAnn Cleary

After reading an article in the International Art Magazine on an artist who works with charcoal and conte, I just had to give this a try. Typically, I use just conte or charcoal on a toned paper. It never occurred to me to use a nice quality, white paper. The trick seems to be not to get too carried away with the sanquine conte. As soon as I am finished with this drawing, I will post it. Charcoal and conte are one of my absolutely favorite mediums and I wonder why I just don't do more.

I will try to remember to take photos as I complete this drawing to share. I already have a couple more ideas in the works. Next will be a drawing of Conan, my son's Mastiff. Perfect for doing a dog portrait. After that will be a portrait drawing...I have a couple to choose from.....

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The April Fool Joke

April in Minnesota
(a view from my backyard on April 1, 2009 ~ snow!!!)
original oil on canvas board, 7 x 7 inch, unframed
copyright 2009 MaryAnn Cleary

This is a view painted of my backyard. Yes, that is snow! Yes, it is April! Goodness, I am really tired of winter in Minnesota. Today we are again awaiting yet another winter storm. Wake up, Mother Nature! It is Spring!

This sweet little painting is done using a very limited palette. Ultramarine blue, mars violet and titanium white. I tried to play the warm and cool colors off one another and truthfully, that day was pretty simple color-wise. With the white snow and the bleakness of the bare trees, there was little color, but lots of contrast. The limited palette really fit the color scheme for this little painting.

I may start a little series of "My Backyard" and different days of the year. It definitely is ever changing.

Friday, April 03, 2009

A Portrait Commission in Conte

Portrait Commission
conte drawing on toned paper, 11 x 14 inch
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

This a portrait commission that is done in a sanquine conte on a toned paper. To accomplish this portrait required working from several different photos and combining them into one final drawing. Typically, I prefer to utilize my own photographs, but when there is a long distance between me and the client I must rely on the client's photos.

In the future, I hope to write a post on taking photographs for portrait work that will be utilized for a commission piece. This should be helpful to those requesting a commission and living too far away for me to do the photographing. Please feel free to contact me if anyone has questions.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Palette Knife Study

"Beach Body ~ A Palette Knife Study & Limited Palette"
original oil painting done on canvas panel, 10 x 8 inch, unframed
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

This is a study in oil using a palette knife as well as a limited palette. This is also for Karin Jurick's site called Different Strokes from Different Folks. I almost did not do this one since I have been gone and just got back from AZ. However, I just could not resist so I did a quick study last night using a palette knife for the main portion and then on top of that, I opted to use a limited palette. The colors used were cadmium red, cadmium yellow (both med.), ultramarine blue and white. That in itself was challenging. My thought for this was to try to capture the essence of a moment at the beach without getting hung up in all the detail. Very difficult for me. A palette knife definitely helps!