Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Slice of Orange

A Slice of Orange
original oil painting on canvas on masonite, 5x6 inch, unframed
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

This is a slice of orange to go with the egg. I really don't think this is a true orange, but one of those hybrids that is orange and tangerine. The color is a bit deeper than a regular orange.

Today I watched a DVD by Morgan Weistling. What an excellent DVD. This one was about "Painting for the Impatient". It consists of 2 DVDs with the first showing two different portrait demonstrations with different lighting and two different approaches to painting them. The second DVD consists of Morgan critiquing and assisting students in his workshops. I plan on watching it again. I highly recommend the video.

With the painting of the orange, I actually tried out one of the methods used by Morgan on the video....painting from the inside out. With this approach one, paints as you go comparing values, shapes, and drawing. It is a little different than the typical way that I approach a painting. I like it as I now am focusing on the values, the color and drawing as I go. It seems to take the pressure off and it is fun to watch the painting suddenly emerge.

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