Monday, February 23, 2009

More Data on eBay Daily Paintings

eBay "daily painting" auction only bid results

The data for the percent of "daily paintings" auction only on eBay continues to be collected. As the month draws to an end the percentage is at 25% today for those with bids and the average being 21%. Of those paintings with bids, those with bids at or greater than $99 average 13 bids and those with bids of $45 or less average 13. Those with bids >$45 and <$99 are only 2. The average number of listings per day for daily paintings is 126.

I will continue to collect the data and post it once a month. Since the time that I have started collecting this, the percentage of those with bids has actually increased from 15% to 25%. This probably has to do with the number of listings previous to Valentine's Day. When I started collecting this data, there were 158 listings on Feb.5th. The number has since dropped and seems to be stable around 120 listings.

Commission Work:
This week I am working on a portrait commission and I hope to post the progress of it. This is being done in conte on paper and from reference photos. I was given several and from that I put together a composition that I thought the client would like. Once the rough merged photo is approved, I will start the drawing. Since this is a portrait with two children who were photographed separately, I used Photoshop Elements to manipulate, merge, and remove the color. This will help with making sure that the client and I are thinking the same.

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