Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reality Shock.....

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Area near my Home in Minnesota

The past two weeks were spent in Mexico at Cabo San Lucas. This was my very first visit there and I feel so fortunate to have been asked by a friend who has a place there. What a fabulous treat!!! I have been snorkeling, watching whales, sail boating on an America Cup sailboat, swimming, walking along the beach, watching fabulous sunsets, and taking a sunset boat ride along the famous arch of Cabo.

Reality set in though with the all day trip home...going from weather in the 60s and 70s to -9 below. What a shocker!! The good thing is that my car started with the first try when I got home. The bad thing is that the idiots on Continental would not transfer our luggage after going through customs and immigration in Houston. Continental and Northwest are supposed to have an agreement, but even after showing the person on the luggage dropoff the tag for the luggage check. He STILL refused to take it. If anyone has been to Houston, one knows that the international flights typically are land in terminal E and Northwest flights leave on terminal A. We had a Continental/Northwest flight from Mexico to Houston. After that we were supposed to fly a Northwest flight to Minneapolis. Having little time between flights and also having to drag almost 100 pounds plus of luggage from one end of the airport to the other due to some personnel at Continental left us feeling extremely frustrated.

Once finally arriving to the other side of the airport - with our luggage - the attendant said that Continental definitely screwed up and that this was not the first time. They should have and were supposed to check our luggage right outside of the customs office. Unfortunately, because of the extra time needed to drag luggage from one terminal to the other via elevators that stopped at every darn level before reaching the one needed, and then going on the slowest shuttle ever...even stopping at a stop that was totally out-of-service and then saying that the place was out of service, we missed our flight. Both of us had also been upgraded to first class on the flight we missed. Of course, we missed that option, too. I guess the good thing is that we were able to get a Continental flight to Minneapolis, but of course, it was at the other end of the terminal with no upgrade to first class. Also, we did not receive any sort of compensation coupon for the terrible inconvenience due to Continental's refusal to take ticketed and checked luggage!!

What fun! Upon arriving home, the temps were minus below. The good thing is that the shuttle driver from the airport to the place where I had my car parked was "Minnesota Nice". He offered to help me jumper my car if it would not start and then he scraped off the six-ten inches of ice stuck on my hood and windshield. Next the drive home was slow....lots of black ice and very slick and slippery roads. Finally, I came home to a very cool house at 1 am, started a nice warm fire in my wood stove and poured myself a glass of wine. Home at last.

My mind has been filled with ideas for painting and drawing and I can hardly wait to get started. I also am doing the next challenge at Different Strokes for Different Folks this month as well as complete the last one with old shoes. I also have some wonderful reference photos that I took while staying in Mexico and Cabo. Lots of things to paint from as well as some quick sketches. Look for more to come and some different and interesting ideas that I plan on trying out.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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