Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Mystery Man with Hat and Sunglasses

Mystery Man with Hat and Sunglasses
original oil, 14 x 11, unframed
copyright 2008 MaryAnn Cleary

This morning I did some more work on the portrait and I feel that it is finished. There are things that I would like to try, but I feel that it is best to do it on the next one. This was a fun one to do and things just seemed to fit together when I was doing it. I like keeping a very simple palette and then adding a few colors later on. It seems to help with my problem of always overworking things.

So for this painting I actually began with pthalo turquoise (I thought it was blue, but it wasn't), indian red and with those two colors I actually did the initial drawing or painting layout. After that I used a little indian red mixed with rembrandt red and then another mixture of indian red and alizarin crimson. I needed a bit of yellow tone so I actually mixed cad yellow light with some indian red and of course, I used white to make different values of each of those colors. I am going to try this again just to see where it takes me.

Rembrandt's palette of six colors

Here is the section from the book, History of Color in Painting by Faber Birren (copyright is 1965). This is a wonderful book that I found a few years back in a used book store. The price was right and it is full of great info on color used by great artists.

As I read through this book I will share other bits of info that I am finding. What a great resource it is!

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