Friday, November 07, 2008

Study of Rocks

Rocks Along the Shore at Grand Marais
original oil painting on canvas on boards, 6 x 8 inch, unframed, $50 plus $7 domestic shipping USD
copyright 2008 MaryAnn Cleary

This is a study of a group of rocks that I photographed along the shoreline of Lake Superior a couple of months ago. I have a small monitor that I connect to my computer to put the photo on so that I can paint from it. The monitor sits along side my easel. This is the first time trying this is ok. My preference would be to paint from life or plein aire, but when time and weather are not exactly optimum, this is an option. The monitor is a flat screen one and is fifteen inches. I am concerned with how the colors look. In the future, I may look into what it will take to calibrate it...that is another story.

This study is a bit abstract and I did use a palette knife. The color technique that I am using after reading the book on "Capturing Radiant Light and Color" by Susan Sarback is really helping with me find my style and develop it! There still is a ways to go, but with practice it should come naturally. I am very amazed at what I see for colors now, and I do find using a monitor a bit limiting as our eyes are so much more sensitive to color than technical tools.

My recommendation would be to do studies or take notes of the subject if a person plans to work from photos. That way, your memory will help with getting the mood and feeling just right. I am also thinking of putting together a checklist to reference when doing a painting. That way, it should help with staying focused and on track. There are so many things that influence a good work and making sure that they are all there is difficult - at least with me - my mind tends to wonder. So how does one stay focused and not de-rail themselves? How does one stay in the "zone"?

How do you prepare for a painting? Please feel free to leave your comments.

Note: I am also going to start offering my paintings for sale on this blog site through Paypal. I am trying to design a Paypal buttong that is not so ......distracting. For now though, I will put the Paypal link at the bottom of each post for that day's painting. Remember one does not need to be Paypal member to use a credit card through them.

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