Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trying Out the New Color Technique

Maple Leaf
original oil on canvas board
copyright 2008 MaryAnn Cleary

Wow! I just tried using the techniques from the book that I am reading on color, "Capturing Radiant Light & Color in Oils and Pastels" by Susan Sarback. I did the eye exercises and actually made sure that I was a bit relaxed (a glass of wine definitely did the job).

Being a bit of a "know-it-all", I thought for sure that I would not get much out of this exercise. WOW! I did. I am seeing color more now than I ever did before....they are there....pinks, blues, reds, oranges, yellows....all intermixed and wonderful. Needless to say, I think everyone should at least try this method. I blinked, scanned, blinked, relaxed, scanned and....saw...saw wonderful new colors. It just seemed too easy. I plan on trying this again on more complex setups, but the leaf was simple and wonderful. What a wonderful exercise in seeing!!! I think that I had one of those "revelational" moments ;-).

Below I am putting the photo of the leaf (I painted from life, but I thought that I would share what it looked like) as well as the progression of the final painting. I meant to take more pics, but my mind seemed to get a bit involved in the entire process. I definitely will do more of this!

Stage one: mask in the major masses; stage two: begin modeling the major shapes in the masses (scanning the entire subject for color...comparing color); stage three: refine the masses and finally the last stage...pay attention to edges!


Sylvia Jenstad said...

had to stop... love your colours... your painting for you 29day give away... very cool...

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Oh, This is so lovely!

Thanks for sharing the book
and the process.

God Bless You and Yours!!!