Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Friday is the Big Day for the Drawing!!!

The 29-Day Painting Project
29 paintings matted and awaiting their new owners
The drawing will take place October 31, 2008 at noon Pacific time

There still is time to be eligible for a free painting. All one needs to do is send me an email with your name and mailing info or leave a comment on the blog in regards to wanting to enter.

This entire project was just a thought a few months ago. There were many false starts, but finally I had had enough of my procrastination and just "did" it. The entire series is a flower or something that is related to botanical....leaf, berries.

This Friday I plan on announcing the winners of these small paintings and once I have the mailing info, they will be sent off to their new owners. I also scanned the images of the paintings and made small note cards of each one of the paintings and these are available on my Etsy shop with 20% of the proceeds going to help support the 29 Gifts Organization. Since the time that I first joined the group several months ago, their numbers continue to grow on a daily basis and it is turning into quite a fantastic movement. The last that I heard the giving members had reached over 2700 people. I feel so fortunate and proud to be a part of it.

Something magical happens when a person gives with no expectations in return. There are really no words to explain the feeling or what actually happens in a person's life as well. It just seems to return back to the person giving more than ten-fold. Those no expectations seem to turn into truly magically moments!

Well, the paintings are ready to go and the colors do look much better in real life!! Check back Friday for a list of winners!!


Anonymous said...

Maryann your paintings look stunning all matted and sitting together like that! Just stunning! What a big job you took on and Yay for you, you completed the whole project! That must feel great :) I think it is a really wonderful thing you have done.
You are such a talented artist, those works look BEAUTIFUL!!

MaryAnn Cleary said...

Thank you so much! And yes, it does feel awesome to have this project completed. It was fun!

mikokiku said...

Hi Maryann, You have been doing some beautiful paintings! You certainly have overcome and kept on going (I brag about your art to all of the family members and friends)! keep up the wonderful work and hope to hear from you soon!
Love You!

Leslie said...

Bravo for you! Your flowers are beautiful. I have been painting flowers for years now-they are so beautiful-color, shaped, design and inspirational to me.

I really love your work! Keep sharing!