Friday, October 31, 2008

Drum Roll.....And the WINNERS are.....

The Paintings Packaged in Envelopes Getting Ready to be Sent to the New Owners

The names in a large bowl ready for the winner's names to be drawn!

If you are listed below, please send me your mailing address. I will also verify you by contacting the link on your comment. Thank you everyone for entering!! This was a fun project!!

Day 1 – Andrian Walker (comment Oct21)
Day 2 – Kim K (comment Oct21)
Day 3 – Kathleen (email)
Day 4 – Linda S. (email)
Day 5 – Lisa (comment today)
Day 6 – De Nelson (painting blog comment & fellow Minnesotan)
Day 7 – sweetmango (painting blog comment)
Day 8 – Coni (comment Oct.22)
Day 9 – Ann Hite (comment Oct29+)
Day 10 – pat (painting blog comment)
Day 11 – Charna Cassell (already have address)
Day 12 – ami (painting blog comment)
Day 13 – Holly Whiteside (email and have address)
Day 14 – Flassie’s Fil’a (painting blog comment and she is from Sweden)
Day 15 – Susan Hilton (comment 29gifts)
Day 16 - Missmilicent (I have your email..)
Day 17 – Lyn DiSanti (comment Oct 18)
Day 18 – Evelyn D
Day 19 – Teresa St Clarie (email)
Day 20 – Cami's Mom
Day 21 – Pat J.
Day 22 – Cindy (comment Aug 6)
Day 23 – the peacock lady
Day 24 – Meg Desai (comment Oct 21)
Day 25 – Dana Judice (email)
Day 26 – Jenn (email)
Day 27 – Allison Mercer (painting blog comment)
Day 28 – Jan from WA (a comment just an hour prior to the drawing!)
Day 29 – Erin (comment on Oct 16)

Note: These are the final names. I had to replace seven of the initial names because I did not receive a response for a mailing address after waiting for one week.

Thank you all for entering and congratulations to the winners.

Please get me your mailing info!!! If mailing info is not received within one week, a replacement name will be drawn and you will forfeit your winning painting.

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Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for all of your work that you have put into this project! My Mum is going to LOVE her painting! I am so excited :)