Thursday, September 04, 2008

Getting Ready for Little Falls.....

The Last One
original oil painting on linen on board, 8 x 10 inches, framed
price: $150
copyright Maryann Cleary

This weekend is the Little Falls Arts Festival in Little Falls, MN. It is supposed to be one of the biggest festivals in the nation!! This is my first time attending this and I have a wonderful spot in a central location. I am not one of those folks who has done much as far as art festivals so I am a bit nervous and excited. I hope to at least get my booth money back and maybe make a few dollars.

To me, the important thing is to start getting my name out there. Working as an engineer for the past few years and putting my art on the back burner has not helped at all. At least when my kids were small, I belonged to art groups and would actually help with shows and promoting the arts. Now I feel like I am in a no where difficult. I must also say that it seemed easier in other states. Maybe I am missing something, but it seems much more difficult now that I am living in the Midwest. Maybe it is being in a small town....

Anyway, I am putting hangers on frames tonight and I have a good inventory, especially after attending a workshop and then painting ALL week long in Grand Marais. Some days I even was able to paint three paintings. I love plein air painting.

I also received a compliment while at the show. The juror stated that my work had style and that the pieces that were hung for the competition all had a consistent style....I have been looking for my style forever and I just had not realized that it was already there!

Also, I have gained probably the most important piece of information that I must recommend to to other artists. Paint from your heart. When you see something that moves you, paint it. There is a connection and that is what art is all about. Don't paint because...oh, that might sell...or that looks good...paint from your heart.

Well, off to finish up putting on some hangers.....I think i need a paying job as it is so much easier than this work of being an artist (the pay is considerable better, too). However, this is what I love, where my passion is and I know that I will be an artist and a successful one. It just takes time.

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