Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The 29 Day Project is in the Works.....

original watercolor and ink on paper, image 4x6 inch
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

My latest project is doing 29 small watercolors that are approximately 4 x 6 inches in size for the image. The giving challenge was started a few months back by Cami Walker. For 29 days, the challenge is to give away something. I have decided to paint a collection of small watercolors, as they are easy to ship and lightweight, for the challenge. The collection will consist of 29 flowers and once I have all the paintings completed, they will be given away. Please leave a comment or email. I will put your name on the list. Remember the collection needs to be completed first. Pass the word to anyone who may be interested.

Each little watercolor will be matted and shipped to the winning person by me free of charge.

These will all be given away once they have been completed. It has taken me some time to get my arms around this project....trying to figure out what to paint, what not to paint, should they be similar or not. Finally, one day the light dawned on my crazy brain and "why not paint 29 small paintings of flowers". Everyone loves to get flowers...or most folks anyway. So that is my plan. Also, my daughter is helping me with another set of eyes as to which ones are "rejects" and which are "keepers for the give-away".

The "Sunflowers" will be number 1. It is a keeper for the give-away.

The one below is not....reject...

watercolor and ink, ~ 4x6 inch image
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

This one is a "reject". I have mixed feelings on this one so I would love to hear other's comments. My wonderful critic felt that for such a "wee" painting, that the flower was a bit over powering. She may be right.

Below is a "keeper" for the give-way.....accepted.....

"In the Pink"
watercolor and ink on paper that has been textured with modeling paste, ~ 4x6 inch image
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

So it looks like there are two completed watercolors and 4 more in the works....


These are two more in process....they still need some work...and who knows if they will be accepted for the give away. Once they are completed I will post the final painting and also whether it will be added to the 29.

The three paintings below are in the initial stages and hopefully, I won't trash them. With these I plan on leaving some white and doing the leaves and grasses in the background....without overdoing it. This will be a test. As I get comfortable with doing watercolors again, my skills should improve. With each day, I will keep everyone posted to the progress....pass the word.


Anonymous said...

these are lovely artworks!

Lakewood florist

Ann Hite said...

Wonderful! Like you I left the rat race to live my passion almost two years ago when a shake up at the oil company, where I was a technical writer outsourced, my job. Love your work. I'll be looking in often.


Anonymous said...

This painting idea is great! And your paintings are beautiful.

MaryAnn Cleary said...

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments ~ I will put your names on the list. This week I hope to finish up a few more and post them.


Leisl said...

I dunno ... I kinda like Poppy. Yes, it might be more dramatic on a large scale, but the oversized close-up of the flower kept to the confines of a miniature canvas adds to the drama and power of the little flower. It takes a beautiful flower study and pulls it in close, creating an almost modern impression of color and in-your-face contradictory intimacy.

paisleyowl said...

I like "Poppy," too. I've recently started to actively take photographs...I love the close-ups--the things that make you look again and discover a whole universe by looking deeper. I hope you keep this painting part of the challenge...it's really lovely.