Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Working on a Portrait

Nico and the Trees (work in progress)

original oil painting on canvas board, 9 x 11 inch, unframed

copyright 2008 MaryAnn Cleary

The past week I have been working on a portrait of my grandson. I was able to enjoy his company and that of my daughter's for an entire week last month. As a result I captured his photo many, many times.

Here he is staring up at the wonder of sky and trees and he looks absolutely in awe at the sight. With this painting, I am trying to capture that part of the child in each of us when we see something new and different for the first time. For each of us, we look at something new we should try to see it for what it is without any perceived message or expectation. Today let each of us look at something as if it were through the eyes of a child.

When working on a portrait, I love playing warm and cool colors against one another. If a person looks, the colors are seen in the skin tones. It does take practice though to see beyond what our mind tells us. The palette used for this painting is a limited one, as are most of my palettes. When doing a portrait I also like to pre-mix a few colors as it makes it easier to paint and also I am less likely of getting the portrait muddy. Colors used for this palette are ultramarine blue, cadmium red light and medium, cadmium yellow and green, alizarin crimson, and transparent earth red...and of course white. I typically use Permalba white.

There is still work to be done to the painting, but I thought I would share with everyone where I am with it today....now back to the studio.

Comments are welcomed. Enjoy!


Lyn said...

Hi MaryAnn, I am new to this blog, and I enjoy looking at your artwork. They are amazing, and perhaps, this is my favourite out of all of them. =) However, I am not an artist and I hope you do not mind me leaving this comment. I will certainly be back frequently to enjoy more of you work!
Have a wonderful day!

MaryAnn Cleary said...

Thanks so much for your comment and I am so glad that you enjoy my work.