Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Painting in Progress

Landscape painting in progress
oil on canvas on board, 9x12 inch
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

Today I was hoping to finish up this painting, but late this afternoon I received a phone call from a neighbor. She asked if I was busy as she wanted me to check on someone and she could not get away from work. Of course, I said "no problem". One thing that I truly love about where I live are my neighbors. We all look out for one another. So this afternoon I spent helping the mother of one of my neighbors. Her freezer decided to go out and she had a freezer full of food that was thawing. This afternoon when she went to get a loaf of bread out of it, she noticed that things were a little soft. It was still cold inside, but many things had partially or completely thawed.

She just replaced the refrigerator in her house with a new one and luckily had the old one in the garage. We plugged it in and put as much food as possible in the freezer of the old frig. In the meantime, another couple showed up to help and to also check out the freezer. As we continued to get the freezer emptied by putting them in the little red wagon and hauling them over to the other side of the garage to get as many things as possible in the freezer compartment of the old frig a voice from the other side of the garage said, "Did you notice that the breaker is off"?

We still don't know what tripped the breaker, but at least we know that the freezer seems to be working.

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