Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Aspens or What to Paint Canoeing with the Deer Flies

or Painting Inside without the Deer Flies
original oil painting on canvas board, 5 x 7 inch, unframed
copyright 2008 MaryAnn Cleary

Goodness! This morning I thought that the day looked so delightful that I would take my one-person canoe out for a spin up river. The skies were blue, the temps delightful, the air still..... I managed to put together a light snack, bring water, the life jacket, paddles and of course the camera. I then headed out onto my morning adventure. This spring a tree had fallen and blocked the normal access to where I usually launch the canoe. No problem. Just go around it and then paddle on up the river.

Well, there is usually the initial influx of bugs and critters that hang out with you as one begins to paddle up the river. Today though the little critters seemed to multiple and intensify. What the heck? Deer flies! I had loaded my body up with DEET beforehand, but that seemed to attract them more. I reinforced the spray. Maybe I did not have enough. I paddled faster, hoping to lose the little suckers. That did not work. I prayed for a breeze...that did not work. I sprayed more insect repellant...that did not work. Finally, after three attempts to head on up the river, I gave up.

Now to just get back inside away from these little monsters. Getting the canoe back out of the water was a little more tricky than getting it into the water. My hands were swinging, the canoe moving, I am trying to get out without losing balance.....SPLASH...little *@)*&^$%%% deer flies. Needless to say, I did get out of the canoe and I did NOT manage to tip the canoe over, but I did land on my backside smack dab in the river. At least the deer flies left me alone for a few minutes!!!

Enjoy the aspens! I did this from a photo that I took earlier this year as a reference. Until I can find a remedy for deer flies, I think that I will stay inside. Anyone have any remedies for the little sticky things. Maybe a nice breeze.....

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