Friday, June 20, 2008


Oriental Poppy
original oil painting on canvas board, 5 x 6 inch, unframed
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

For the first time ever, I finally have oriental poppies blooming in my garden. They are one of my favorite flowers. A few years back my Mom gave me some seed from her poppies and she got her seeds from her Mom or my Grandmother. Before I left for China I vaguely remember sprinkling them in my garden. I did have some other poppies planted in the same area, but they came up maybe one or two years...they were the ones with different colors.

This is the first summer that I have been home in over two years. The last two were spent in China. I am absolutely enjoying the ability to have a yard with a garden and my little containers and hanging baskets with all the floors. While I was in China, I did try to have a few plants, but I traveled a lot and many times the poor things just became dried flowers. Also, I really did not know where to find potting soil for the darn things.

For now, I will enjoy the three wonderful poppies that are blooming and hopefully, they will spread and come back in full force again next year.

Next...the peonies are getting ready to open. The little ants are busy taking care of the buds right now.

Enjoy and thank you for looking!

This painting is available and I will put it on ebay Monday....if anyone is interested prior to then, let me know with an email.

A side note...check out my other blog for updates on my progress with developing a series of 29 paintings for the 29-Day Giving Challenge.

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