Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Sliced Kiwi and a Flower from the Lawn

Sliced Kiwi and a Flower from the Lawn
original oil painting on canvas on board, 4"x6", unframed
copyright Maryann Cleary

Well, today was one of those wipe the canvas off days...not once, but twice. I hate those days. I was really wondering if I was going to get my act together to get a painting done today. Finally, I opted to change subjects and try something else. I might try the daffodil tomorrow...that is what was the first two attempts at today's painting. Finally, I went to the kitchen sliced a kiwi, sliced a thin slice off, ate it and thought well, "why not"? Here is the result of today's dilemma. It is definitely better that what was on the canvas previously.

Here is the painting that I did yesterday and this morning the corner was really bothering me, so I attempted to soften it. That is the only thing that I did (the colors may vary due to a little manipulation in photoshop, but the only place changed was the corner) I am asking for opinions here. What feels better to you as a viewer, the one on the top or the one beneath.

Here is my opinion. I feel the one on the bottom has a dark blue arrow pointing the way out of the painting...while the one on top keeps your eye focused and moving inside the painting.

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