Monday, May 05, 2008


original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, 6 inches x 6 inches
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

Now available for bidding on ebay. CLICK HERE to bid.

This painting was done from life. A couple of months ago I bought one of those containers where you plant some bulbs in the potting mix and water....well, this is the result of one of those little kits. I did manage to kill off one of the bulbs. It even sprouted and then died. However, the other two are doing fine and are blooming with very fragrant flowers.

Now on to other business.....the response to the 29-Day Giving Challenge of me offering 5 of my daily paintings as a part of this challenge has been held with awesome response. In fact, I will end up giving away a total of 7 of my paintings...... with this challenge, I am also giving away many other things....this weekend someone stopped by my place to pick up a TV cabinet...I am mailing books off to a library in N.D. whose library burnt down....this will continue for 29 days. Thank you to all who responded to the give away. I hope that you enjoy the paintings.

When all the requests have been mailed, I will post the paintings and the destination (one request was for one on ebay and I must wait until the auction is completed).

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