Thursday, April 17, 2008


original oil painting on linen canvas, gallery wrapped, 6" x 6" x 1", unframed
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

AVAILABLE ~ email me at

This tea cup was a gift many years ago from a dear friend in Arizona. Since I moved to Minnesota, I have lost touch of her. The oil paints used to paint this were mainly a couple hues of cadmium red, cadmium yellow, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, sap green and white used to mix with the others. I usually stick with a fairly limited palette and tend to use the same colors again and again. One of my favorite things to do is to try to do a painting using just complimentary colors and then using white and an almost black color to mix different tones of each....mixing a little of the compliment into the other to get the hue needed and then adding white or a mixed black to get the value. Sometimes I have tried this and ended up with a very muddy painting....other times it has worked. It is a challenge, but I enjoy the simplicity of it.

Has anyone else ever used just complimentary colors to do a paintng? which ones? (I prefer orange-blue or red-green).

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