Monday, April 21, 2008

Old Tree on the St. Croix River~29 Day Giving Challenge

Old Tree on the St. Croix River
oil painting on canvas on board, 7"x5", unframed
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

No longer AVAILABLE ~ congratulations to Jose of N.J.

Yesterday I took a drive to Taylor Falls, MN as the weather was incredible...finally. I took a photo of this old, shapely tree as the sun was setting. The St. Croix River is just beneath the tree along a step rock embankment. The water in the river was swift and high telling everyone that Spring finally has arrived. I enjoyed how the light hit spots of the tree and some of the background.

If I find a good poem or if anyone would like to contribute a poem, I will take it into consideration for putting it on my blog with one of my daily paintings. Just leave a comment or email me at

This free poem was found on "Free Poems" ~ A blog of a poet and others who contribute.

Water Falls

The water is cold where I lie, but no matter.
Its frigidity pleases me and soothes my wearied soul.
I have gone far, and now I am here and here only.
Up hills and over long, rocky roads that jam pebbles into the soft, precious spots of the feet.
Down ravines and over bones of old, indistinguishable prey,
Eaten by something, God knows what, and left to drain of existence in the sun.
The water gushes over my head, forcing it down.
My arms flail with the will of the falls, bouncing and dancing like life.
A single, endless noise rushes past my ears, but in a moment it is gone;
Replaced by a silence of familiarity and peace.
I place my chin on the top of the boulder over which passes the eloquent stream.
Now I know what it feels like to be the rock over which the river flows
For thousands and thousands of years without end or memory.

- Written by Karen Howley

Karen is an English Education major from the Phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona.

Karen's terms: "My poems can be used for free, just as long as if someone uses my poem, they give me credit for my work."


eddie said...

This is a very nice painting Maryann....stylistically it reminds of Emily Carr or Marsden Hartley..


Anonymous said...

I have camped close to Taylor Falls. It is beautiful, as is the St. Croix.

jose said...

Thanks to MaryAnn for such a great painting....

I have a great picture I took of Manhattan, from across the river....from a very nice town called weehawken...

It came up...more impressive than I expected

It's a fresh, clear and full of lights night.

I hope you like it in return to your kind giving away challenge...which I am part of now.


MaryAnn Cleary said...

Thank you!