Monday, April 28, 2008

Bob White Salt & Pepper Shakers

Bob White Salt & Pepper Shakers
original oil painting on canvas on artist board, 5"x7", framed
$75 plus $8 shipping
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

Available - email me for more info.

This painting was done from life. It is a set of salt and pepper shakers from a set of dishes made by Red Wing and called Bob White. I only have the salt and pepper shakers as well as the larger bird that one sticks toothpicks into for small appetizers. Today I either painted the salt and pepper shakers or a shot glass that I picked up at a thrift has a fun, red label on it. I will probably do it tomorrow.

On another note, I am also doing the 29 Day Giving Challenge as I thought it would be a good way to give others an opportunity to a own a piece of my artwork, and also get my name out there. Yesterday evening, I made this offer on one of my other blogs and much to my amazement someone has already requested one of my paintings. If anyone would like to own a piece of my artwork with no strings attached, I plan on giving away five of my daily paintings (four now as one is committed) that currently are being offered on my daily painting blog (those that are up for bid or have been committed or sold are not available). Take a look. Send me an email of what one interests you along with an address and I will let you know if you made it as one of the lucky ones.

This painting is committed as one of my 29 day giveaways! Congratulations Jeremy!

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