Friday, February 29, 2008

Sunflower II - SOLD

Sunflower II
Original Oil Painting on Gallery-wrapped Canvas
Size: 4"x4"x1.5" (no frame required)
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

Here is another painting of the little sunflower that I bought yesterday to help chase away the winter blues. It would go nicely with the one painted yesterday. It is still wintery outside with blowing snow and wind....the weather is supposed to actually get warm this weekend. What that means is that it is supposed to get above freezing!! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Sunflower - SOLD

Original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas
Size: 4"x4"x1.5"


Trying to fight cabin fever and the blahs of winter, today I bought a bouquet of flowers to brighten up the day. There was one little sunflower that is just beginning to open up. Here is a painting of it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Julie and Nico

Original drawing using charcoal/conte on toned paper.
Size: 9"x11"
Not for Sale

This drawing is done on a toned paper using charcoal and conte crayon. I did this from a photograph that I took when visiting my daughter and grandson. If you have a photo that you would like made into a drawing (not a replica of the photo, but an interpretation of it made into a drawing), please feel free to contact for more information by clicking here or contacting me at

Monday, February 25, 2008

Out to Dry

Original oil on a canvas panel, 5"x7", frame requred.
Please click here for more information.

This is a painting done from one of my experiences in China. No one there has clothes dryers...the common thing is to hang your bedding and clothes outside to dry. This is the TongLi area, but on all the high rise apartments, it is very common to see clothes hanging out from the windows on racks and also the little patios are furnished with wide-up clothes racks. When they are not in use, a person can just wide them up out of the way. I enjoy the way the shawdows play on the surfaces with this painting.

Price: $75 plus $8 shipping USD (will frame). Shipping is for U.S.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Original oil paintng on gallery wrapped canvas, 6"x 6", no frame required.
copyright MaryAnn Cleary
Click here here for more info.

Daisies... these flowers are the ones left from last week. Enjoy!

Price: $100 plus $8 shipping USD for U.S.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Toddy Maker

Original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, 7" x 5", no frame required.

Click here for more information.
Price: $75 plus $8 shipping USD

This is an old "toddy maker" as stated on the lid. Also, this little maker is only supposed to take ten seconds to make...that is also on the lid. What fun! This was fun to paint and lately I seem to be hooked on the orange and blue or blue-green color palette.

Today I also started another about the art and drawing, the business of getting started and just what I have been doing to try and make it as a full time artist. If you are interested, take a look at "A Line in Time".

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Juice Glass No. 2

Original Oil Painting on gallery wrapped canvas, 5"x5", no frame required.
Price: $75 plus $8 shipping USD
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

Here is another painting of one of my old juice glasses.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Skiing Home

Original oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 5"x5", no frame required.
Price: $50 plus $8 shipping USD
copyright MaryAnn Cleary

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Today as I was coming home from my cross-country ski outing, the sun was setting. Even thought the temps were below freezing, the sky had a warm feel to it. I actually can ski on the river that is along the back of my property (the Rum aka the Spirit River). My ski tracks could be seen as I headed for home. This little painting was painted from memory.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Love Me....Love Me Not

Original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, 6"x6", no frame needed.
Click here for more information.
Price: $100 plus $8.00 shipping USD.

This is a painting that I set up from some flowers that I bought on Valentine's Day for myself. This morning I redid the photos for this post and also added some side views so that you could see what I meant when I talked about the subtle painting of the sides to draw the viewer into the canvas. Today I will also be adding this weeks photos to my website Spirit River Studio ( . Enjoy!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tabasco....or Some Like It Hot

Happy Valentine's Day

Original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, 7" x 5", no frame needed.
Not Available.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Red Wing Rose Cup

Original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, 5"x5", no frame needed.

A Red Wing cup and saucer from the Red Wing Rose dinnerware pattern. If you would like more information, click here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Juice Glass and Tomatoes

Original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, 5"x5", no frame required with this type of canvas
Price: $100 plus $8 shipping (U.S. only) USD.
This is a still life that I set up this afternoon with one of my old juice glasses and some tomatoes that are on the vine. If you would like more information on this painting, please click here.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bridge over the Canal

Original charcoal and conte on toned paper, 9"x12", unframed and unmatted.

This is one of the bridges that is at one of the China water towns called TongLi. The day was pleasant and sunny. This drawing has approximately 1/4" that has been masked off to use for matting. It also has my chop signature in the right bottom corner. Click here to inquire about this drawing or to ask questions.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Original oil painting on artists canvas board, 4"x6", unframed
This little painting is of some bamboo that had a glimmer of light passing through it. Bamboo grows everywhere in China and this small patch was near my apartment there. If you would like more information or would like to purchase this painting click here.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


This week I am actually working at my other job and will be limited as to the time that I can draw or paint....maybe by Friday I will be back to normal.

My daughter, Hang in there babywear, also tagged me so now I need to find five others to tag and answer all those silly questions about myself..... I plan on checking other blogs out and passing it on that way as I am really new to this blog. That will be my art project for the next couple of days while I am traveling. I did bring along my conte sticks and paper...hopefully, I can get a drawing in.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Two Windows

Original oil painting on artist canvas board, 4"x6", unframed
Click here to inquire about this painting.

This small painting is a window scene taken from a boat while I was in China. The location is in one of the canals in Suzhou.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Red Wing Dog Planter - SOLD

Original oil painting on a gallery wrapped canvas, 5" x 7", no framed needed

This is a still life of one of my pottery pieces of Red Wing pottery. It is the little dashound planter and the painting ended up being a two day one instead of just one. With this painting I tried to play the complimentary colors off of one and blue. Initially the blue ribbon seemed to get lost with the blue dog, but then that changed quickly with the dabs of orange.