Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pink Lotus Blossom

Original oil painting on artist canvas board, 8" x 8", unframed
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This is a pink lotus blossom taken from a photo that I took while at the Humble Administrator's Park last summer. There were also white lotus blossoms, but the pink were in a place where I could get some great pics. Lotus blossoms are huge in size. The pink ones are slightly smaller than the white ones that I have seen. On top of being a beautiful flower, the seed pod can be eaten...you could buy one while at the park. However, my favorite part of this flower is the root. Lotus root is one of my favorite vegetables. I have had it many ways, but my favorite is sliced with a little fresh ginger root and stirred fried. The other way is to stuff the holes in the root with sticky rice. Both are good. This is something that I definitely will miss about China.

I am thinking of starting another blog of just my charcoal and conte crayon drawings. As I bring my skills back up to par, I am realizing that I need to find a niche with my art. Doing the Chinese series of painting is one way. Another way is to also do my drawings...this is my favorite way of drawing and especially with portraits and utilizing the contrast with light. If any of you out there have any comments (positive or negative), please feel free to post them as I struggle to find my way through all of this.......

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