Thursday, January 31, 2008

Boats in Suzhou

Original oil painting on artist canvas board, 5" x 7", unframed
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Here is another one of those very impressionistic "dabs of paint" paintings. I thought I would give this one more try. They are very time consuming and enough to drive me crazy, but I really like how when one stands away and back from them that something magical happens and the colors blend and soften. I will try taking a better pic tomorrow as this one has a bit of glare on it from the light, but no matter which direction I put it, there still was some here it is. There are so many dabs of paint that they make a good light-glare catcher.

This painting was another one done of Suzhou, China in one of the local parks where there were a couple of boats parked along the edge of a canal. The boats are wide and flat looking...I don't think that I rode in one in Suzhou....I did while I was in Thailand though.

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