Thursday, January 31, 2008

Boats in Suzhou

Original oil painting on artist canvas board, 5" x 7", unframed
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Here is another one of those very impressionistic "dabs of paint" paintings. I thought I would give this one more try. They are very time consuming and enough to drive me crazy, but I really like how when one stands away and back from them that something magical happens and the colors blend and soften. I will try taking a better pic tomorrow as this one has a bit of glare on it from the light, but no matter which direction I put it, there still was some here it is. There are so many dabs of paint that they make a good light-glare catcher.

This painting was another one done of Suzhou, China in one of the local parks where there were a couple of boats parked along the edge of a canal. The boats are wide and flat looking...I don't think that I rode in one in Suzhou....I did while I was in Thailand though.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting Some Sun

Original charcoal/conte crayon drawing on toned paper, approx. 11.5" x 8.5", unframed and unmatted.
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This drawing was of a woman that I saw sitting in the sun with a cup of tea while a friend and I visited TongLi, a water town near Suzhou. I asked my friend to ask her if it was ok if I took her photo. She did not reply and just stared and squinted at me. Foreigners are such an oddity to some Chinese. I took her photo as it was a wonderfully sunny day that day. Most days it is overcast and misty or smoky.

In the corner of the drawing above my signature is my one of my chop marks. While in China I had various folks actually make me a few. To the Chinese a chop is as valid and binding as a signature done by hand. An individual may have many different chops and they can be used for various purposes. This chop is one of my favorites as it was done by an artist who studied for many years. When I met him we could not verbally communicate, but as I found out many Chinese know how to read English. I would write things down and he would reply or we did communicate with body language. This chop is done on a beautiful carved stone with some red in the stone (more valuable). The artist also wrote an inscription along side the chop. This chop wasn't one of those ones that a person can find at the tourist shops. I watched him carve it and try it out. I now can use my chops on drawings as a way of signing my name. Enjoy!

I am still debating whether I should start another blog just for drawings....time will tell.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pink Lotus Blossom

Original oil painting on artist canvas board, 8" x 8", unframed
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This is a pink lotus blossom taken from a photo that I took while at the Humble Administrator's Park last summer. There were also white lotus blossoms, but the pink were in a place where I could get some great pics. Lotus blossoms are huge in size. The pink ones are slightly smaller than the white ones that I have seen. On top of being a beautiful flower, the seed pod can be could buy one while at the park. However, my favorite part of this flower is the root. Lotus root is one of my favorite vegetables. I have had it many ways, but my favorite is sliced with a little fresh ginger root and stirred fried. The other way is to stuff the holes in the root with sticky rice. Both are good. This is something that I definitely will miss about China.

I am thinking of starting another blog of just my charcoal and conte crayon drawings. As I bring my skills back up to par, I am realizing that I need to find a niche with my art. Doing the Chinese series of painting is one way. Another way is to also do my drawings...this is my favorite way of drawing and especially with portraits and utilizing the contrast with light. If any of you out there have any comments (positive or negative), please feel free to post them as I struggle to find my way through all of this.......

Monday, January 28, 2008

Houses along the Canal

Original oil painting on artist canvas board, 5" x 7", unframed
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Suzhou has several canals running through it with many homes backed along it. Many of the homes have stucco that is old and grey with bright red bricks popping out. One afternoon as I walked along the other side of the canal, I took some photos to remember the setting by. This painting was created from one of those photos and my memory. The canals are used as a means of transporting items from one area to another.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Little Girl at the Park - SOLD

Original conte crayon and charcoal on toned paper, appox. 8" x 10", unframed

This is a drawing of a little Chinese girl that I saw one day at one of the local parks in Suzhou. She had an oversized, bright red coat on and cute smile. Children always stare (so do adults) at the foreigners....sometimes wanting to practice English.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Suzhou Garden Exit

Original oil painting on canvas board, 8"x8", unframed
This painting is done from a photograph that I took while leaving the Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou, China. The day was getting late and the sun cast a few shawdows through the arbor. The hanging containers of flowers lent a warm charm to the setting.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Red Wing Duck Ash Tray (RumRill)

Original oil painting, 4" x 6", unframed on artist canvas board
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This small, still life is of a Red Wing (Rumrill) duck ash tray. It is part of a line of dishes called "Gypsy Trail" and was actually made in the 1930s. Look for more pieces of pottery and other collectibles in the future.

Suzhou Garden

Original oil painting, 4" x 6", unframed
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This small painting is another done in the very impressionistic style with little dots of paint. It always amazes me what happens when a person steps back from one of these and how the eye magically mixes the colors. This painting was of one of the areas in the "Humble Administrator's Garden" in Suzhou, China.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Original oil painting on artist canvas board, 8" x 8", unframed
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This is another in my China series. In many of the Chinese gardens in Suzhou, there are portal openings going from one section of the garden to another. They are delightful as it frames the next area and is also a symbol for good.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Original oil painting on artist canvas board, 5" x 7", unframed
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These peppers were hard to resist when I went to the market this week. They just needed to be painted.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fish In a Pond

Original oil painting on artist canvas board, 5" x 7", unframed
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Another painting from one of my experiences in a Chinese garden. This one was in the water town of TongLi where there are also many gardens. The day was gorgeous and these little fish were looking for a bite to eat.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pink Mums

Original oil painting on artist canvas board, 4" x 6", unframed
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This is another mum painting from one of the Suzhou gardens in China. This painting was also created using the palette knife technique. I may need to take another picture to see if I can get the colors down. Update: this is a new posted pic and is more in tune with the color of the painting.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Red Sun - SOLD

Original Oil Painting by MaryAnn Cleary / artist gessoed canvas board, 8" x 8", unframed

This is another in my China series of paintings. This painting was taken from a photograph that I captured as I was walking along one of the streets of Suzhou, China. It was late afternoon and a couple of hours before the sun actually set, but the sky is frequently filled with a mist and smoke enabling one to see the sun.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

White Mums

Original oil painting / canvas board, 4"x 6" (10.2 x 15.2 cm)

Here is a close-up to see the texture of the paint.

This fun little painting is another of my China series. Mums were everywhere this fall at the Suzhou gardens.....many, many different types. This painting was done with a small palette knife and was a challenge due to the small size. What fun to paint this little delight! Look for further paintings done with this technique.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Colors in Suzhou - SOLD

Original oil painting, 5"x 7", unframed, painted on canvas board

This little painting is of a scene that I saw while walking through the Humble Administrator's Park in Suzhou, China. The flowers were blooming and a few trees had gorgeous red leaves. The days were beginning to cool off and the day was enjoyable.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Red Lantern~ 29 Day Giving Challenge

No longer available ~ donated for the 29 Day Giving Challenge!

Original oil painting, 8"x 8", painted on canvas board

This is the next in a series of daily paintings of my experience in China. On many of the buildings, especially those in the gardens, red lanterns hang. This one was one of many that I saw. Suzhou, where I lived while in China, is famous for its gardens and water canals.
The gardens make for easy photography and are beautiful to wonder through with many being hundreds of years old.

Chinese Door Knocker

Original oil painting, 6"x6", gallery wrapped canvas.
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This painting is of a Chinese door knocker and the reference photo used for it was taken by me while I was visiting Behjing. The doors can be huge and massive in size with a single door knocker in the center. This painting is being offered for sale on eBay.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Where's the Cat? ~ 29 Day Giving Challenge

No longer available ~ part of the 29 Day Giving Challenge
Congratulations to Cat of L.A.!

This is a 5"x 7" original oil painting on a canvas board.

It has been a slow start getting ready for the painting of the day. After being in China for two years, I am finding that my house is in need of some care...mainly cleaning. I am near the end that fiasco and now I can begin to paint. I found these playing blocks in my cleaning frenzy. I was going to add a Red Wing cat ash receiver, but I dropped it did not I am going to save it for another painting.